Learning by doing

Just make a move and we will guide you through your personal learning experience. Step by step.

Math made simple

Oraku beileves learning math should be fun, rewarding and of course, mobile!

Making math fun!

Our approach towards Math can be individual. However there is no denial that having solid foundation of Math is essential to unlock and discover new possibilites in life.

Track your progress

Every tiny steps towards goal is

commendable. We will track your progress while you expand your knowledge

Quality content

Explore our curated content by Math professors, grow your skills based on your level and requirement.

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Daily learning goals

Success are built on habits. Set your daily learning goals and get reminded for your next study session.

We at Oraku are determined to make Math doable in fun and rewarding way. So if you beileve in our philosophy, please feel free to drop in your thoughts and feedback at

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