Math made simple!

Supercharging math based learning.

Unleash the power of Oraku, get supercharged learning math in an intelligent, simple and intuitive interface.

Play by play learning, where you get assisted when you get stuck.

What makes Oraku different?

Replacing pen & paper

Practice and learn anywhere and anytime - Oraku is accessible from any device and lets you solve complicated problems on your phone

The interactive math lecture

Interactive in lecture math problems. Students can do math at the same time as the teacher. The teacher can realtime measure student understanding.

Create tasks for the students

Ease to use editor for creating your own course content and math problems. Leverage our pre-populated library of math problems to quicly create tasks for your students.


Interactive mobile experience tailored for students needs

We redesigned how you solve math problems.

Allowing you to do math when and where you want.

With prepared guided paths of tasks making studying as effortless and as accessible as possible.

Oraku will help you if you get stuck and allow you to focus on understanding.

Learning solutions made for real understanding of the curriculum

Oraku helps you understand your course material by using simple-to-understand examples and gradually introduces more complicated concepts. 

You can solve these problems in the app, no paper needed, and if you ever feel lost, helpful hints will be there to guide you. No more learning complex problems by heart - Oraku is here to help you really understand them. 

And if you have any doubts about your performance, you can always compare your results with other users of the app.

Dashboard giving students and teachers information on how they are doing

No more teaching and studying in the dark. With Oraku progress is made visible allowing you work on exactly what you need.

Easy overview of previous exams, course progress and other important information that should be communicated to the student.

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